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But my hard toothbrush feels so good.

But my hard toothbrush feels so good


Many times we run across patients who just love medium or hard toothbrushes because it feels like it cleans better.  However, we have found that using a medium or hard bristled brush can actually damage the teeth and cause gum recession, which leads to sensitivity.


When  we aggressively brush with this type of bristle we will wear the enamel down to the next layer of the tooth that has very small nerve endings.  Gum recession also exposes dentin on the root of the tooth that can cause sensitivity when brushing or getting teeth cleaned.  It is recommended we use a soft toothbrush because it removes the plaque debris from the teeth, massages the gums, and the bristles are more flexible to bend cleaning more tooth surface.

~Your dental hygienist,  Ariel Kilgore.
Stay flossing my friends

I never knew THAT would cause cavities!

Cough drops and cough syrups

                    Many times patients will brush and floss daily very diligently and then are surprised to find out they have a cavity or two.  When we discuss their routine, we sometimes discover that they have a cough and have been using cough drops or cough syrup.  Read the label carefully because many of these contain sweeteners that cause cavities.  High fructose corn syrup is often the sweetener of choice in these products and is known to cause tooth decay.  Look for products that contain sweeteners that do not promote decay such as Xylitol.  Also, drink plenty of water as some medications can cause a dry mouth which also contributes to tooth decay.

Stay  flossing my friends!


The holidays and helping our community

We will be collecting items for the Crisis Center of Comal County, below is a list of items they are in need of. We will have a collection box in our office for this collection as well as food donations for the local food bank. Should you have any questions feel free to call our office.

The Crisis Center of Comal County was founded in 1986 as the Comal County Women’s Center. Numerous local citizens began a grassroots effort to develop an agency that would address the needs of those experiencing domestic violence. In the beginning the agency consisted of several volunteers who provided information and referral to other service providers in the area. As time passed and grant funding was obtained the agency grew to include several paid staff and an emergency shelter. During those first years many of the agency’s clients also required sexual assault services. As a result, the agency developed a sexual assault crisis services program to serve Comal County. A capitol campaign fund completed in 1994 funded a six-bedroom full service emergency shelter. Since that time the staff has grown to 19 and includes a shelter staff of 6, 3 licensed counselors, 2 legal advocates, 3 prevention educators and 2 crisis response staff members.

In 2000 the shelter was expanded to 9 bedrooms as well as new office space to provide additional services. As the number of clients increased the agency began to provide more and more services to men. As a result the agency name was changed to The Crisis Center of Comal County.

Annually, the agency provides 5,000 nights of shelter to more that 265 residents as well as 4,500 days of service to 1,000 non-resident clients. The agency also provides community education to an additional 6,500 people.



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