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Summer and wisdom teeth.

With summer fast approaching its time to schedule that visit to evaluate wisdom teeth.  Patients of high school and college age will have some time off for summer and planning wisdom teeth evaluation and extraction is in full swing.  Appointments with local oral surgeons book up quick so plan ahead.  When that appointment is made its good to stock up on a few items to help with recovery, soft foods or meal replacement shakes are a good thing to have available as well as plenty of Advil or Aleve.wisdom teeth x-rayax139_4faf_9

Share love….. Not germs on Valentine’s Day

            Share love….. Not germs on Valentine’s Day

Although you may share drinks or food with your spouse or loved ones we highly recommend NOT sharing toothbrushes or any other dental devices. Sharing toothbrushes allows viruses and bacteria to be spread from one person to the next, this includes dental bacteria. We all know we can spread the flu from person to person but did you know you can also spread the bacteria that helps contribute to cavities? Streptococcus mutans is the nasty bacteria that causes cavities and this culprit loves to sit on our toothbrush after brushing. Gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease) are also caused by a type of bacteria that likes to hangout on our toothbrush. We recommend storing your toothbrush in a dry place and replacing it every three months to help maintain proper function of the brush. If you are sick we recommend throwing your toothbrush away immediately and replacing it with a new one. Share the gift of a new toothbrush this valentine’s day not a new bacteria to your loved ones!!


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New year. New you.


New Years is coming soon and with that our new year’s resolutions, a chance for new beginnings and changes long awaited. As your dentist, my team of dental professionals and I are here to help meet your dental goals. Whether it is whiter, straighter teeth you seek we offer invisilign in our office, veneers, crowns as well as several different bleaching options for those looking to change the appearance of their smile. If you would like to continue or start taking care of dental treatment needed we are here to help. In January many dental plans will start over. Did you know that some plans do help aid in the cost of adult orthodontic treatment/ braces? We also offer financing through care credit with a 12 month no interest rate option*. Call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation or with any questions you may have, Happy New year and I look forward to seeing you in 2016!!

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