A Healthy Mouth with New Braunfels Dentists - New Braunfels Dentists

A Healthy Mouth with New Braunfels Dentists

  • October 19, 2022
A Healthy Mouth with New Braunfels Dentists - New Braunfels Dentists

The new school year is upon us and with it comes a laundry list of tasks to help your child prepare. While there is quite a bit to get ready such as clothing, school supplies, registration, and getting college students off to school, there are a couple of other things to consider when preparing them for school. As they begin a new school year, schedule your child a visit with your local New Braunfels dentist, New Braunfels Dentists.

Develop Good Dental Habits That Will Last a Lifetime

Children and teenagers run the risk of tooth decay or dental cavities when proper oral care isn’t practiced. There are several reasons why children and teens are more susceptible to these types of oral health issues. Junk food is a favorite amongst kids and, when exposed to an excess amount, can develop cavities that can turn into more severe issues when not treated.

Further, kids that are active in sports and extracurricular activities will sometimes skip brushing here and there due to their busy schedules. It may not seem like a serious issue but the more frequent skipping brushing sessions become, the more likely your child is to experience health issues that can become serious over time. 

As your preferred New Braunfels family dentist, we have a few tips to help guide your child to developing healthy dental habits. First, it’s important that your child brush their teeth at least two times a day for at least two minutes each brushing. Next, encourage your child to limit the number of sugary snacks they consume as these are the primary culprits of cavities. Additionally, they should try and opt for milk or water to drink as opposed to soda or sports drinks. As the best dentist in New Braunfels, we can assure you that developing these healthy habits today will ensure a healthier mouth for your child tomorrow.

Sports Dental Injuries

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), 3 million teeth are knocked out during youth sporting events each year. While not life-threatening, if not properly treated by your New Braunfels family dentist these injuries can lead to oral health complications down the road. Before an emergency trip to the best dentist in New Braunfels is necessary, it’s important to take precautions. 

If your child is involved in contact sports, we recommend having a mouthguard made to protect their teeth. Accidents will happen but a mouthguard adds a level of safety and protection for your child’s mouth. For more information on mouthguards for your child, contact your New Braunfels family dentist, New Braunfels Dentists.

If your search for ‘best dentist near me’ brought you to us, we can’t wait to meet you and your child! As the preferred New Braunfels family dentist in New Braunfels, we take pride in the services and products we offer to keep up with and maintain your and your family’s oral health. For the best care in the area, contact us at 830.608.1818 to schedule your appointment today!

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