Signs It’s Time for a Dental Check-Up - New Braunfels Dentists

Signs It’s Time for a Dental Check-Up

  • January 12, 2023
Signs It’s Time for a Dental Check-Up - New Braunfels Dentists

It’s the time of year when everyone decides what they’ll be improving on from the year before. If health is one of those things, consider including regular dental check-ups and dental cleanings in the mix. Oral health is vital to your overall health and as your New Braunfels dentist, we encourage regular visits to keep you as healthy as possible. 

Though dental check-ups should happen every six months, there are many people who visit once a year and even every couple of years. Some skip a visit to a New Braunfels dentist until a problem arises. The body will exhibit various signs to indicate an oral health problem so, if it’s been a while since your last visit, here are some signs it’s time to see the best dentist in New Braunfels.

You’re Experiencing Tooth or Gum Pain

Just like everything else, to be kept up our teeth have to be maintained. Even if it doesn’t feel like much, a toothache or pain in your gums is cause for concern. Teeth are strong and resilient so when pain is present it’s a strong indication that there is an underlying problem. You could have infected gums or you may have a tooth that’s fractured or decayed. Whatever the cause, if you’re experiencing tooth pain, find your best dentist near me and request an appointment with a New Braunfels dentist as soon as possible.

You’re experiencing bleeding gums.

If you’re experiencing bleeding gums a dental check-up is imperative. Bleeding gums are a sign of periodontal disease which is caused by an abundance of tartar on the teeth and gums. Should you let this situation progress, it could lead to serious issues that could result in the loss of bone density and even the loss of teeth. To remedy bleeding gums, a thorough dental cleaning is in order, and it’s important to not wait. If your gums have been bleeding lately, find the best ‘New Braunfels dentist near me’ and schedule your appointment quickly.

Your teeth are discolored.

There’s a common misconception that teeth discoloration is a normal part of aging teeth. Though teeth becoming stained is possible after consuming certain foods and drinks, teeth completely losing their original color is an issue not just on oral health but on self-confidence as well. A comprehensive dental check-up and dental cleaning will determine the reason for your teeth’ discoloration as well as discuss a solution.

You’re losing teeth.

With the exception of children losing their baby teeth, tooth loss is never a normal part of oral health. Teeth loosen for a variety of reasons such as an injury to the tooth, osteoporosis, or a loss in bone density from gum disease. In any case, a loose tooth is cause for concern and should be addressed immediately. 

These are a few of the most common signs that a visit to your New Braunfels dentist is necessary. However, before these signs begin to present themselves, we suggest scheduling regular dental check-ups and dental cleanings. When you visit the best dentist in New Braunfels at New Braunfels Dentists, we’ll conduct a thorough cleaning and screening to ensure your oral health is in top shape as well as correct any issues that may be affecting it.

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